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Does Workers Comp Pay for Missed Days?

For many hourly workers, every day that an employee isn’t on the job is a day when that employee is not making money. For employees who live paycheck to paycheck, that money is vital.

Fortunately, in New Jersey you should receive back pay for the days that you missed if you missed more than 7 days of work. The first week is called the “waiting week.” As of right now if your disability is related to Covid-19 the seven-day waiting period has been eliminated. 

You’ll be paid back pay for your temporary disability benefits once your benefits are awarded. 

What is the maximum benefit for lost wages?

The benefit maxes out at 70% of your average weekly wages, or $945, whichever is smaller. You can receive these benefits for a total of 26 weeks. In some cases you may be able to extend the benefit, but you will need to speak to your workers compensation attorney to find out if it’s possible in your case. 

You will usually receive money every week via direct deposit.

How long does it take to get workers compensation?

If you’re getting temporary disability benefits you should start receiving checks roughly two weeks after you become eligible for the benefit. While you’re waiting for money you might want to use your FMLA benefits, if you have them available. There’s no waiting period for FMLA, and it can provide some relief while you’re waiting.

Why does temporary disability get denied? 

It’s not uncommon for insurers to deny benefits, putting even more hoops between employees and the money they need to survive. This is another reason why applying for FMLA can be a good move. 

The insurer might claim you made inconsistent statements or behaviors in public or on your social media accounts. Here at Talone Law we recommend those who are claiming workers compensation go silent on social media accounts for this reason, and to be aware that they may have private investigators or other watchers tracking them, people who might choose to misinterpret innocent behavior as a reason to issue a denial.

They may also claim you can work after all, even if you can’t, and try to put you back to work in your old job while claiming you’re on “light duty.” These kinds of bait and switch tactics happen all the time, leaving many employees confused and intimidating. Some will get worse trying to comply with their employer’s demands.

We’ve also seen insurers claim that they didn’t get enough evidence for the claim. 

Contacting an experienced workers compensation attorney is always your best bet.

Don’t let your employer deny you the benefits you need to survive after your injury. Contact Talone Law today. Often, the mere presence of an attorney on your case can change an employer’s tune and make them more willing to take you seriously.

Contact our office today. We are working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic and are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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