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Pushing Injuries at Work

Have you ever wondered what would happen if over time pushing heavy or unwieldy objects at work resulted in pain, aches, or other injury?

From nurses to librarians, employees are often pushing objects or materials at work. This can be a heavy cart, box of paper, a piece of machinery, or a stack of inventory. For workers in New Jersey, manual handling of materials by pushing is a daily activity. While it might not be apparent, this daily action can result in repetitive strain.

Manifestation of Pushing Injuries

Every now and then pushing injuries manifest as immediate pain, and the Law Office of Albert J. Talone has handed a number of cases involving a strain or sprain from pushing at work. However, more than likely repetitive actions cause injury over a long period of time – maybe even years.

Repetitive strain is a common workplace injury, but it is also the least likely to be properly reported to employers or be treated with medical attention. At times employees do not associate the pain with their work related activity, in other instances the pain occurred over time and employees are uncertain what benefits or compensation is available for medical attention and time off work to heal.

Injuries from repetitive strain are most likely to affect:

  • Shoulders and neck
  • Lower back and spinal cord
  • Nerves in the neck and back
  • Joints, such as wrists, knees, and elbows
  • Hands and feet
  • Ankles, and
  • Forearms.

In many cases employees are able to identify their pain as specific aches, stiffness, throbbing, cramping, or tingling in these parts of the body. However, other individuals describe ongoing pain as general to certain parts of the body.

All of these injuries require diagnosis, physical therapy, and other rehabilitation. Just as treatment for immediate and severe pain is covered by workers’ compensation in New Jersey, so are these fainter, progressive injuries to muscles and joints.

Difficulty Approaching Employers with Repetitive Strain

Employees often know how to report and handle an injury that is immediately apparent. The cause of the injury is evident and there are often witnesses to describe the accident or events. Yet, when it comes to repetitive motions that eventually lead to pain, the process can be much more confusing and the proper actions to discuss the injury with an employer uncertain. A New Jersey workers’ compensation lawyer can help handle this process.

Employers and insurance providers do not make the process easier. It is possible that an employer or insurance company will argue that a neck, back, or shoulder injury did not occur from pushing objects at work, but was due to activities or lifestyle choices outside the workplace. This is more common with strains and sore joints from pushing, than it is with more obvious injuries or illnesses.

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