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What Medical Treatments Are Covered Under New Jersey Workers’ Compensation

You already know that New Jersey workers’ compensation should be paying for your medical expenses after an accident. You also know that, in reality, insurance companies often deny or delay claims or attempt to wriggle out of paying for treatments your doctor recommends.

That’s why it’s important to understand what the law actually says. In this case, the employer must provide all medical treatment necessary to “cure and relieve” the effects of the work injury. They must pay 100% of the medical bills. You should not owe any co-pay.

This should include:

  • Surgical treatment
  • Hospital care
  • Hospice care
  • Prescriptions
  • Prosthetics

However, there are caveats.

The insurance company can recommend cheaper treatments.

The treatment your doctor recommends isn’t always going to be the treatment your workers’ compensation company wants to give you. For example, if you need a prosthetic, they may suggest a cheaper “claw-style” prosthetic over a working hand.

They may also try to deny you treatments that work for you in favor of cheaper treatments that aren’t getting results.

Once you start having these sorts of disputes, it’s usually helpful to get a workers’ compensation lawyer involved with your case. 

Rejecting treatment can cause problems with your workers’ compensation claims. 

Sometimes, the worker’s compensation physician suggests a surgery you don’t want. You have the right to reject it, but doing so could mean losing temporary disability treatments. You do have some recourse, like asking for less invasive methods or asking for a second opinion. 

If surgery is the only remaining option, you should consult with a workers’ compensation attorney before refusing the surgery outright.

What should you do if the insurance company isn’t paying the bills? 

Make sure the hospital is sending the claims to the insurance company instead of to you. If they are, contact the workers’ compensation insurance company to find out what’s going on.

If it turns out your claims are being denied or delayed for some reason, it may be time to reach out to a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer. 

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Workers’ compensation cases can be tough, and navigating medical treatment is one of the toughest and most confusing parts of the entire process. While we hope your case runs smoothly, we want you to know that the option to call us and schedule a free consultation is always open to you.

This way, you’ll learn your options and will learn how we might be able to fight to ensure that you receive excellent medical care throughout the process.

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