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Do you work in an industry where there is risk of explosion and do you wonder about the consequences of such an explosion?

Depending on your job description and where you work, it possible that you may be at a higher risk for injury from an explosion. Industries that involve the use of explosive or combustible materials or chemicals are obviously predisposed to explosions and injuries from these incidents. However, jobs that require use of heavy machinery or a lot of equipment are also at high risk for an explosion. Explosions can even happen in office buildings.

Regardless if an explosion is a known occupational hazard or random, unforeseen event, if an explosion occurs in your place of employment, the resulting injuries are covered by workers’ compensation in New Jersey.

Most Common Injuries from an Explosion

An explosion at a company or business does not result in a single type of injury. Rather, employees who work in a location could be subjected to a number of different injuries or illnesses from an explosion. The same explosion could have different ramifications for different individuals, based on preexisting conditions, proximity to the explosion, and other factors. For example people are most likely to suffer from the following wide-range injuries after an explosion:

  • broken bones or fracture
  • burns
  • ruptures or middle ear damage
  • concussions or serious contusion
  • hemorrhaging or internal bleeding
  • damage to spinal cord and
  • head, neck, or back injuries.

Avoiding Explosions at the Workplace

The efforts an employer and employees use to prevent workplace explosions are tailored to the industry and work environment of a specific business. However, industrial sites, construction sites, and laboratories should have specific standards in place that govern the use and handling of explosive materials. These processes should extend to specific methods for utilizing these materials in work or tasks.

Unfortunately, workers’ compensation lawyers in New Jersey still handle a number of cases related to explosions and the mishandling of explosive materials each year. Carelessness, inconsistency, lack of focus, and other accident can lead to industrial explosions. In addition, there are boilers and furnaces that could explode in an office building or electrical appliances that go on the fritz. In each of these instances, a workers’ compensation lawyer can evaluate the situation and potential for benefits.

Determining Disability After an Explosion

The injuries from an explosion are often more serious than from other types of workplace injuries. The burns, fractures, and effect on hearing can be barriers to returning to work and future employment. For example, damage to the middle ear could prevent an employee from properly hearing. If hearing was an essential part of his or her job, it is possible that person can no longer work in the industry or field.

In these instances, employees may need to understand what workers’ compensation benefits are provided for disability, whether temporary or permanent.

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