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RSD/CRPS from Injury or Trauma

Are you suffering from chronic pain, inflammation, and discomfort due to reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) or complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) that developed from trauma or accident at work?

RSD and CRPS are nerve conditions that affect a single limb or part of the body after trauma or injury. The effects of RSD and CRPS must be chronic, lasting longer than six months, in order to be classified as either condition. Women are more likely to be affected by RSD and CRPS, but anyone in any workplace could develop these ongoing injuries.

Symptoms of RSD and CRPS

Often, the event the precipitates RSD or CRPS has immediate consequences, such as a fracture, contusion, or other noticeable injury. These injuries will be treated immediately and a workers’ compensation claim might be filed and settled. In the meantime, the effects of RSD or CRPS are only beginning to develop. It could be many months before an employee is able to have RSD or CRPS diagnosed by a medical professional.

Some of the physical symptoms of RSD and CRPS are:

  • Burning in a limb or extremity
  • Tingling, or pins and needles sensation
  • Increased sensitivity to temperature, pressure, or touch
  • Differing skin tones or texture
  • Hair growth is stunted or nail growth halts
  • Problems with muscle movement
  • Twitches and other uncontrollable movements, and
  • Continuous swelling.

While RSD and CRPS have similar symptoms, the major difference between the two diagnoses deals with how the nerves are damaged. A person who experiences the symptoms, pains, and issues of CRPS, but without confirmed nerve damage is diagnosed with RSD, while if there is clear connection between these symptoms and nerve damage the individual is diagnosed with CRPS. While the treatment for these conditions is very similar, employees with CRPS who can identify their nerve damage will likely have an easier time collecting workers’ compensation.

Complications of an Injury with No Cure

It is disheartening to hear, but RSD/CRPS does not have a known cure. This means that people who develop the condition could have chronic pain for the rest of their lives. This is a very different situation from other injuries, where going to a medical professional can result in improvement and regaining your health. With RSD/CRPS may require therapy and visits to medical professional for a lifetime.

Therefore, if RSD/CRPS develops due to work-related activity recovery under workers’ compensation can be difficult to obtain. The costs of treating RSD/CRPS can amount to high medical costs, and in most instances, an employer should pay these costs. However, employers and insurance companies may argue against this determination. Filing a formal claim is often necessary.

Time for an Attorney

When RSD or CRPS was caused by a work-related activity, this disability is covered by workers’ compensation. However, insurance providers will push back on this determination because the medical costs for these conditions could continue for an entire lifetime and the workers’ compensation settlement often includes temporary or permanent disability benefits. If you received delays or denials of your workers’ compensation claim related to RSD or CRPS, it is time to speak with a lawyer.

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