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Shoulder Injuries

Are you experiencing ongoing or intense shoulder pain due to an incident, accident, or repeated motion at work?

Frequently, employees develop aches or pain in a specific part of the body due to repeated motion or overexertion. This is exemplified by injuries to the shoulders. For example, consider a bartender. In a single busy evening, a bartender could make over a hundred cocktails. Mixing many of these drinks involve a shaker and fast, intense movement. Doing this time and again can cause injury to muscles, tendons, or rotator cuff of the shoulder.

A number of other professions involve different, but similar motions. Shoulder injuries are even common in office environments, as employees spend long periods of time hunched over a keyboard. Repetitive motions, no matter how small or seemingly minor can result in built up tension. Overtime, this can become chronic pain, also known as a repetitive strain injury to the shoulder.

Frequent Shoulder Injuries

There are various ways that an individual may injure their shoulder at the workplace. As with all parts of the body, certain of these injuries are more serious than others. Some will require time off work, rehabilitation, and may even have long-term impact for the employee. The most common shoulder injuries are:

  • Dislocation of the shoulder joint
  • Strain to the muscles around the shoulder and upper back
  • Impairment to range of motion
  • Damage to rotator cuff
  • Nerve damage
  • “Frozen” shoulder and
  • Bursitis.

When these injuries are intense or serious enough to require time off work. If you are experiencing chronic pain, aches, or strain in your shoulders due to a work-related activity, whether repetitive or from a single incident, it is worthwhile to learn the extent and nature of the injury from a medical professional before the injury worsens.

Sources of Shoulder Injuries

Some of the most common causes of shoulder injuries are sources that people least expect. This can be pain or injury that arises due to being immobile, rather than repeated motion. Static positions that include bad posture or uncomfortable sedentary It is also possible to develop a shoulder injury due to a small, but awkward motion. Examples of work activities that often cause shoulder injuries are:

  • Holding a single position for a long period of time
  • Experiencing ongoing, intense vibration
  • Static load, which is holding your body weight or part of it for a duration of time
  • Experiencing intense temperatures, and
  • Holding your arms above your head or heart for an extended period of time or on a consistent basis.

Employees who engage in repeated motions at work are less likely to report injuries to their supervisors or employers, and therefore less likely to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Yet, compensation for these injuries is just as deserved and necessary as injuries from an isolated accident, such as a trip, fall, or collision at work.

Receive the Benefits You Deserve

Whether your shoulder injury resulted from an isolated accident or repetitive motion, seek the workers’ compensation you deserve. First, inform your employer of the injury and its cause. Then, contact a worker’s compensation lawyer in New Jersey for advice and representation.

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