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Knee Injuries

Are you suffering from a knee injury caused by moving materials, sorting inventory, changing offices, or simply performing the same motion time and again while at work?

Statistics show that most knee injuries occur in industries requiring a lot of physical work, such as roofing, bricklaying, other construction, landscaping, cleaning and housekeeping, and among athletes. However, knee injuries are possible in any work environment. Two occupations with a surprising number of work-related knee injuries are auto mechanics and ministers or preachers. Even if you are spending the majority of your work day behind a desk or in a vehicle, it is possible that an awkward movement or static position could eventually cause knee injury.

Work Injuries that Affect the Knees

There are a number of different motions, actions, and ways that a knee can be injured. These can occur in a single, random movement that causes injury to tendons or injury from repeated and continuous motions that cause wear and tear to ligaments or lead to inflammation. The resulting injuries can range from minor, requiring a quick check by a physician, to very serious needing surgery and physical therapy.

The knee is a delicate part of the body because it is constructed of bone, muscle, tendon, ligament, and cartilage. Therefore, not only do these injuries vary in severity, but also in terms of what aspect of the knee joint is affected.

  • Fracture of the patella
  • ACL injury
  • PCL injury
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Injury to ligaments or tendons
  • Dislocation
  • Meniscus Tear
  • Sprain
  • Inflammation and
  • Plica Syndrome (thickening of ligaments from overuse)

Some of these injuries require immediate medical attention in order to be successfully treated or cured. Additionally, it is possible that certain knee injuries can required a lengthy recovery time that can leave an employee unable to work for weeks or months. Lastly, ACL injuries and meniscus tears may necessitate costly surgeries. Regardless, of the cost or length of recovery required for these delicate injuries, workers’ compensation in New Jersey covers the medical costs and provides benefits while unable to work.

Issues with Recovery for Knee Injuries

Minor knee injuries can heal in a matter of days or weeks without ongoing medical care. While this could mean a few days away from work, strain and sprains are unlikely to require extensive medical attention. This is not the case for more serious knee injuries.

When ligaments, such as the anterior cruciate ligament or ACL, are stretched or torn, the injury is often accompanied by sudden and intense pain, swelling, and an inability to hold or carry weight. These symptoms will remain until the ACL injury is addressed, which could be surgery to stabilize the knee and repair the ligament.

Recovery from ACL, or other knee surgeries, can be weeks or months. Even employees who have sedentary jobs may not be able to sit at a desk or stand for any length of time during rehabilitation from surgery. This longer absence from work can mean issues with an employer or insurance provider when it comes to workers’ compensation benefits for temporary disability.

Employees, who encounter such issues, should immediately speak with an experienced lawyer in New Jersey.

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