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Were you injured while working in a construction zone or on a construction site?

While workers’ compensation was created to protect and provide for workers of all industries and professions, construction workers and among the workers most commonly injured. In the state of New Jersey, construction accounts for one of the most often injured professions and construction workers collect more workers’ compensation than any other industry. This potential for injury, including the severity of injury, makes sense when considering all of the risks within a construction zone.

Most Common Injuries in Construction

On an annual basis, construction injuries account for nearly 10% of all work-related injuries in the United States. For one industry that is a massive percentage of employment injuries and workers’ compensation claims. The most common injuries to occur on a construction site are:

  • Falls from unfinished buildings, scaffolding, equipment, and ladders
  • Collisions and impact with falling objects
  • Injuries from equipment and machinery
  • Trapped or crushed between equipment or machinery
  • Repetitive strain or motion injuries to neck, back, and shoulders, and
  • Respiratory disease and other breathing problems.

Serious Injuries on Construction Sites

Construction injuries are often severe. Construction sites utilize a lot of manual labor, electrical equipment, heavy machinery, and dangerous or unsteady floors, walls, and ledges. This combination of working conditions is a perfect storm for accident and injury. Construction injuries comprise nearly 20% of all deaths in the workplace. This number is an even higher percentage than that of overall injuries, showing that it can be unusually dangerous to work in construction.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has developed regulations and best practices that are specific to the construction industry. These regulations include wearing safety equipment, obvious designation of construction zones, and procedures for operating equipment and machinery. Most construction employers closely follow these regulations, but unforeseen injuries still happen on a regular basis.

Workers’ compensation in New Jersey covers deaths and other very serious injuries at a construction site. A lawyer experienced in these claims can evaluate the appropriate amount of compensation under New Jersey law.

Receipt of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

While construction accidents and injuries are prevalent in the New Jersey, employers or insurance companies often deny construction workers appropriate compensation benefits. Insurance providers do not want to pay temporary or permanent disability benefits, and due to the physical nature of construction work when an employee is injured there is a good chance such employee will need time off work. To prevent paying these costs, the insurance provider will deny or limit the amount of workers’ compensation.

Construction employees who feel the amount offered by an employer or insurance company does not cover medical expenses and disability benefits should speak with a lawyer.

New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Albert J. Talone is very familiar with the workers’ compensation law in New Jersey, and with representing individuals in claims resulting from construction accidents or incidents. If you were involved in a construction accident, speak with a lawyer who will personally help file and oversee your claim for workers’ compensation. Contact our office at (856)-234-4023 and begin the path to financial recovery for a construction injury.

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