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What to Do If Your New Jersey Employer Refuses to Report Your Injury to Workers Compensation Insurance

Recently, American Airlines made news for retaliating against flight attendants for reporting worker illnesses from jet fuel fumes seeping into the cabin. They now face penalties. 

Employers often try to put their heads in the sand regarding workplace health and safety problems and are incentivized to try to ignore worker injuries wherever possible. Yet doing so is against the law. 

You’re responsible for reporting a workplace injury to your employer. Your employer is responsible for contacting the workers’ compensation insurance company. 

Under New Jersey Law, the employer must file a First Report on Injury with the New Jersey Division of Workers Compensation within 21 days of your accident. Yet some employers balk at fulfilling this duty.

Employer Disputes the Injury

Some employers refuse to file injuries because they claim you weren’t injured or the injury has nothing to do with work. 

You should immediately contact a New Jersey workers’ compensation lawyer when this happens. This is one of the few times you need to involve an attorney immediately to protect your rights. 

Once you’ve attained an attorney, your lawyer can directly contact the workers’ compensation insurance company to file a claim. Involving an attorney means they’ll take you seriously. If you try to file on your own, workers’ compensation will likely deny or even ignore the claim. 

Employer Has No Insurance

Some employers violate the law by refusing to pay for workers’ compensation insurance. They may face legal problems as a result, but you still have options for accessing benefits. 

If you suspect your employer is uninsured, you can access the New Jersey Uninsured Employer’s Fund. You will need an attorney to help you access this fund, as New Jersey has made the process anything but simple. You will also have grounds for a lawsuit against your employer. 

You also have the option to file an anonymous report against your employer. They will investigate, and your employer may face criminal charges and fines. 

Get Help Today

When your employer starts engaging in funny business, you need help with your workers’ compensation case. Dragging their feet on even a single issue is a good sign your employer intends to fight you every step of the way. They will trample your rights if you don’t protect yourself. 

Contact Talone Law to get help with your workers’ compensation case today. We can help. 

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