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How to Prevent the Back Injuries Plaguing the New Jersey Workplace

Back injuries are a major cause of missed workdays and leave of absence in the New Jersey workplace. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, which collects employment, workers’ compensation, and workplace injury data for the entire United States, estimates there are over one million workers impacted by back injuries last year. This means back injuries accounted for nearly 20% of all workplace injuries in 2017.

The trends for workplace injuries are similar to those for the rest of the United States, and the Garden State sees a high number of back injuries reported to workers’ compensation each year. A back injury lawyer is busy with these claims that come from individuals of all ages and professions.

What Are the Main Causes of Back Injuries?

A back injury lawyer will represent workers hurt in a multitude of different accidents. Some people can cite to a specific moment or accident that caused their ongoing back pain, while other workers point to repeated motions or actions over a period of weeks, months, or years. Yet, it is possible to delineate three common causes of the back injuries in the New Jersey workplace.

First, improper lifting techniques when moving or pushing a heavy object, machine, or inventory is the leading cause of workplace back injuries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 75% of all back injuries result from this single cause. In New Jersey, nurses, occupational therapists, construction workers, retail employees, and air transport workers are some of the professions reporting an extraordinary number of back injuries from improper lifting.

Second, poor posture is another common cause of back injuries. Administrative employees, digital designers and programmers, writers, accountants, and lawyers are all stricken with back problems from sitting improperly at a desk and computer. As the number of office jobs in New Jersey continues to increase, more clients are contacting a back injury lawyer with complaints of back pain from years of poor posture and non-ergonomic chairs and desks.

Third, slips, trips, and falls account for a large number of the remaining back injuries. These back injuries usually result from a single incident, not from ongoing or long-term working conditions. However, the outcome and injury can be equally serious and substantial. Slips or falls lead to spinal or muscular injuries that take months to heal.

What Helps Prevent New Jersey Back Injuries?

In many workplaces, proper and consistent training could prevent a large number of back injuries. A new employee should be instructed how to lift, pull, push, or otherwise move a heavy object. If these movements and other manual manipulation of heavy objects is part of the employee’s job description, then special attention should be given to the mechanics of lifting and how to avoid twisting from the waist or putting unnecessary strain on the back.

Introducing aids and tools into the workplace can also decrease the number of workplaces back injuries in New Jersey. At a retail location or warehouse, this may include providing dollies, forklifts, lifting belts, and trolleys to move heavy objects. In particular, these aids should be available to an employee that isn’t in the proper physical condition to complete a particular lifting or pulling task.

Keeping the walkways in the workplace free of hazards, such as cords, tools, and debris can prevent a number of back injuries. This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways for employers to reduce the number of back injuries, and overall workplace injuries, in their buildings.

How Can You Reduce Back Injuries in an Office?

In an office, very different aids are available. An employer can invest in better chairs, stand-up desks, ergonomic keyboards, and other office furniture and equipment. Today, there are ways to personalize the office experience for an employee that is experiencing back pain or discomfort and the cost is minimal compared to a long-term workplace injury. As a back injury lawyer, many clients stress that their desk simply wasn’t made conducive to long hours at a computer.

Offices can also introduce new movement and stretching techniques into their workplace. Studies have found that simple stretches performed at an office desk or in a break room can significantly reduce the amount of strain on the spine and severity of back injuries in the workplace. Similarly, regular breaks to walk, stretch, and release tension on the spine can lead to a healthier back for all employees.

What to Do After a Back Injury?

If you suffered a back injury at work and are uncertain how to file a claim for workers’ compensation, you need a back injury lawyer. Look no further. The Law Offices of Albert J. Talone have provided assistance to workers with back injuries, caused by all sources and types of accident, for over nearly 15 years. We are ready to assist you – just call (856) 234-4023.

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