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How to Maximize Your NJ Workers Comp Settlement

A workers compensation settlement isn’t like a personal injury settlement. There are typically some limits on how much it can pay out. 

Nevertheless, you’ll rely on that settlement to live. It behooves you to do what you can to make it as large as possible.

Here’s what you need to do.

Be careful what you say.

You have to report your injury to your employer, but stick only to the facts. Later, you might want to talk to an attorney right away, because the workers compensation insurance adjuster may try to speak to you and may try to trip you up while they do.

When you do have to speak about your injury or write about it, be concise. Make sure your statements are factual and to the point. 

Don’t give unlimited medical authorizations.

The medical authorization you sign should specifically state that you are only releasing medical records related to your work injury. Rest assured the insurance company will try to go through the records and find any excuse they can to conflate your injury with pre-existing conditions or even older injuries.

If the insurance adjuster tries to pressure you into signing their authorization form then speak to your attorney right away.

Keep records.

Document all of your medical visits. Keep track of your bills. Document the ways the accident has impacted your life. Need cleaning services now because you can’t clean your own house? Document that and keep the receipts.

Act as though you’re being watched.

You probably are. Your social media accounts are probably being monitored. Your activities are probably being marked. 

Whatever you do, you must follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter, at all times. Be even more conservative about doing so than you think you need to be. They really will use any fudge or slip up against you, no matter how reasonable or unavoidable it seems. 

Involve an attorney right away.

If you are in danger of being incapacitated or disabled for any significant length of time then contacting an attorney right away is a must. Smaller injuries like a broken wrist are generally handled without much of a fuss. Larger, more life-changing injuries or illnesses that will impact your life for an indefinite period of time? Those are the ones that employers tend to fight, and fight hard. They even do it when paying the claim would seem to be the most reasonable thing in the world to do.

There’s very little downside to working with an attorney. Contact our office today to get started. We’ll give you a free case review, tell you if you need our help, and will give you some next steps to pursue. 

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