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Collecting NJ Workers Compensation When You Work Two Jobs

Many people in New Jersey work multiple jobs, or work part time in the gig economy while working full-time at more traditional pursuits. Yet many don’t know that having multiple jobs can complicate workers compensation.

The first thing you have to know is that if you get injured on the job you only get workers compensation for the job you were injured at. This means if you get injured on your part-time job you’ll only get replacement wages for the part-time job, while being forced to quit work at your full-time job. 

Life can get even more complicated if your problem is a repetitive stress injury. In that case you might have sustained the injury on both jobs but would have to prove it, with each employer trying to shift the responsibility to the other employer.

Your full-time job will also be under no obligation to hold your job or put you on light duty the way they would if you’d been injured at their workplace.

This means holding on to two jobs provides an additional layer of risk that many people are not aware of.

In addition, if you’re injured on your full-time job you cannot keep working your part time job. If you do, you will be accused of workers compensation fraud. You are also likely to lose your benefits.

These realities can add an additional layer of struggle at a time when families are already struggling, but it’s important to understand them so you don’t threaten your ability to get benefits, including coverage for your medical bills, at all. 

In many cases it will be both useful and necessary to explore the possibility of a third party personal injury claim. This can help you attain the funds necessary to cover your expenses.

Remember you cannot bring a personal injury lawsuit against your employer unless they have committed an “intentional wrong,” known as the immunity exception. In other words, the employer would have had to deliberately expose you to something that had a high likelihood of causing an accident, injury, or illness. This is a difficult standard to meet and may not be a viable legal strategy in every case.

If you are going to take a part-time job try to take one that offers only a small degree of risk…but be aware that all jobs carry some risks.  

If you were working two jobs when you got injured you may need a workers compensation attorney. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation. 

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