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Can You Lose Health Insurance While Receiving NJ Workers Compensation Benefits?

While workers compensation is required to cover 100% of the costs associated with healing any injury you took on the job, they are not required to cover you when you get sick with Covid-19, need preventative care, or need to manage other ongoing conditions, like diabetes. Those expenses must either be paid out-of-pocket or handled by your health insurance provider. 

49% of workers are solely reliant on their jobs for health insurance. 

It’s natural to wonder how your workers compensation case might impact your access to health insurance for issues other than your work-related injury. 

Unfortunately, New Jersey doesn’t offer any protections to employees who want to keep their benefits while receiving workers compensation. You can protect your coverage for twelve weeks with the Family and Medical Leave Act, which gives you twelve work weeks of federally protected leave. 

You may also be able to continue your health benefits through COBRA, though few people can afford COBRA premiums while living off of temporary disability benefits.

Some of our clients have had luck finding plans on the Health Insurance Exchange or have been able to apply for Medicare as they’ve recovered. 

Many employers opt to simply continue your coverage while you’re recovering, especially if they value you as an employee and believe you’ll recover fully. Employers who think you’ll be able to return to valuable work might be more inclined to leave your benefits alone. 

Your employer’s internal policies will help determine whether you continue to receive benefits such as your group life insurance policy. You should call your HR director or insurance coverage line to determine how these benefits will be handled in your case. 

Remember that your employer is not allowed to fire you while recovering from an injury. They may find ways to let you go after the doctor allows you to return to light duty, but you should be safe while recovering. 

Much can go wrong for an employee dealing with a work-related injury. If you feel your employer is mistreating you or going out of their way to make life harder for you, contact our law office.We can help you navigate your workers compensation case and protect you while you recover from your injuries. We’ll do our best to protect your work-related benefits, too.

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