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Attorney Albert J. Talone explains what to do if you suffer an injury on the job

Workplace injuries are common whether you work in an office environment, construction/job site or retail establishment.

In fact, workplace injuries can occur in all areas of employment. In the event you are injured at work, you should preserve your rights by following these simple guidelines:

  1. Immediately report your injury to your employer. You should report every injuring incident to your employer. Even if you do not think you are seriously hurt it is still good to advise your employer of your injury.
  2. Complete a First Report of Injury Report. These are often called accident/incident injury report/form. Be sure to request a copy of the completed document.
  3. In the event you need medical treatment, go to the local emergency room or employer authorized medical provider and advise as to ALL injuries. Do not pay for
    any medical treatment out of your own pocket. Do not submit medical bills to your private health insurance carrier. Keep a copy of all medical bills, doctors notes, emergency room discharge paper work and all other documents regarding your work related injury.
  4. If you have a doctor’s note keeping you out of work, provide a copy to your employer immediately.
  5. Ask you employer for the name and address of their workers’ compensation insurance carrier. Ask for a claim number for your claim if available.

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Albert J. Talone, Esq., is a workers’ compensation lawyer in New Jersey. Mr. Talone has been helping all types of injured workers recover benefits under the New Jersey workers’ compensation law. Mr. Talone is licensed to practice law in the state of New Jersey and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He is a member of the New Jersey Association for Justice, the Burlington County Bar Association and the Camden County Bar Association.

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