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5 Careers with a Surprising Number of Workplace Injuries

It comes as no surprise that certain professions have a high number of workplace injuries. For example, construction sites, nursing, and warehouse work all require a great deal of manual labor and manipulation of heavy objects. It follows that back, neck, and shoulder injuries happen on a regular basis in these jobs.

Other jobs involve the use of heavy equipment. Likewise, these careers are prone to a high number of injuries on the job. For example, working on an assembly line or in factory production is more likely to result in an injury than accounting in an office.

Lastly, there is an entire subset of professions and workplaces that people are always surprised to hear have a high number of employee injuries. We will cover five careers with a surprising number of workplace injuries, and discuss why these jobs are prone to accident.

#1: Hairdressers and Beauticians

Working as a beautician or hairdresser is surprisingly dangerous. Last year working as a beautician was named one of the most accident-prone jobs in the entire United Kingdom, and here in New Jersey, a shocking number of hairdressers are hurt each year. What is more surprising than the number of hairdressers hurt every year? Injuries to hairdressers and beauticians happen for a wide variety of reasons.

Of course, the most common workplace injury for a hairdresser is a cut or snip from scissors or a razor. These tools are used daily in the profession, and while handled with skill, sudden movements by a client or loud noise can cause the best beautician to snip too much or too fast. Other causes of injuries include slips and falls on wet floors, chemical burns from dyes and peroxide, electrical hazards from hair dryers and straighteners, and joint issues derived from long periods of standing.

#2: Agricultural Workers

America’s farmers are frequently injured at work. Some of the most common causes of agricultural injuries are slips, trips, and falls. These frequent accidents result in treatable aches and pains, such as fractures, scrapes, and bruises. However, agricultural employees are also among the most likely to sustain fatal and substantial injuries. The more dangerous workplace injuries are caused by the use of heavy machinery and exposure to pesticides and other chemicals.

#3: Hospitality at Bars and Restaurants

Working in a bar or restaurant is one of the most dangerous jobs for New Jerseyites. One reason a high number of hospitality employees are injured while at work is the risks are difficult to mitigate or prevent. For example, many hospitality workers are hurt while carrying heavy bins of dishes, slip on wet floors, or cut themselves in the kitchen, but clearing tables, serving drinks, and preparing food are all essential parts of the job description.

Of the various ways a hospitality employee must be injured, the most common is moving an object. Pushing, lifting and carrying represent 50% of all employee injuries in bars and restaurants, and the same statistic is true for hotel workers. To prevent these particular injuries, training is essential. Hospitality employees must be instructed how to properly lift heavy objects and the procedure if a particular load of dishes or object is beyond their capabilities.

#4: Bus Drivers, Pilots, and Other Transportation Employees

Individuals employed in transportation, including both ground and air transportation, are more likely than most workers to sustain a workplace injury. On average, there are 7.4 transportation employees for every 100 people working in the profession.

This is a higher percentage of people with injuries than in hospitality, offices, retail, many factories, and in warehouses. An inordinate number of aircraft pilots claim workers’ compensation, with complications from overexertion being the top reason for these injuries and illnesses Also, a high number of people employed by governments for the operation of transportation are injured at work. And as the number of motor vehicle accidents continues to climb in New Jersey, it is likely that the number of transportation workers hurt at work will also go up.

#5: Police and Sheriff Patrols

Police officers and state sheriffs involved in patrol are among New Jersey’s most injured employees. Even compared to accident-prone professions, such as taxi drivers, telecommunications installers, and athletes, law enforcement sustains a high number of workplace injuries. Recent statistics suggest that 14.6 in every 100,000 police officers are hurt at work. The injuries are typically inflicted from other human beings, with the most common cause of death for law enforcement being fatal shootings.

Is Your Job Prone to Accidents?

Whether you work in a profession with many accidents or only a few number of employees hurt each year, your workplace accident is compensable under New Jersey’s workers’ compensation law. To file your claim and work towards recovery of medical costs for your workplace injury, contact the Law Offices of Albert J. Talone. Our Southern New Jersey office can be reached by calling (856)-234-4023.



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